Thursday, October 23, 2008

'There is a Season', 2004

Esther Griffiths, 'For Everything there is a Season', 2004
Oil and acrylic on card, 59.5 x 80.3 cm
Artist's Collection

This series of works was based on the imagery surrounding the mundane chore of chopping wood during the cooler months. These works are a celebration of hard work and diligence – without which we would have had to purchase several more blankets and a heat pump. I enjoyed finding the beauty in what I had thought to be a drab (and terrifyingly weta infested) corner of our backyard.

One of the major concepts explored within this body of works is the idea of “seasons”, paralleling the winter season with a season of hard work or bitter cold in a person’s life. But, as we all know, seasons come and go… And there is a season for everything.

Esther Griffiths, 'Weta', 2004
Graphite on paper, 14.6 x 20.8 cm
Artist's Collection

Esther Griffiths, 'Energy to Burn', 2004
Oil on paper, 29.6 x 42.6 cm
For Sale, unframed: NZ$80

Esther Griffiths, 'It Will Only Last for a Season', 2004
Acrylic on paper, 29.7 x 50.7 cm
Artist's Collection

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