Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something is about to happen...!

WHOOP WHOOP!! I'm so excited!!!

I have been invited to have my work included in the opening exhibition of the new Geoff Wilson Gallery at NorthTec. What a privilege!

The scary thing is that I have been requested to do a repeat of the wall drawings that I did back in 2009 for my solo exhibition, 'Once'. That means drawing directly onto the brand spanking new walls of the gallery (eek!)... which I will only be able to access a few days before the exhibition opening (eeeeek!)... AND the wall I've been asked to draw on just happens to be the gallery's "window display" (i.e. anyone wandering through the polytech will be able to watch me). EEEEEEK! But scary is good, right?

The exhibition is tentatively opening on November 10th, so that gives me a few weeks to get back into shape with my drawing skills (whew).

So believe it or not, you'll actually be seeing some ACTION from me soon! Yay!


  1. Yay - that is so exciting (and scary!!). So happy for you - I looooooooove your art!