Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Work for sale on Felt

I am in the process of adding several of my earlier works to Felt (a New Zealand-based online marketplace where I sell my work). The following artworks are a sample of what I currently have for sale there. If you see something that you like, click on the image to be taken directly to the Felt website. I am more than happy to ship to international addresses. :)

Keep an eye out as I will be adding more on a regular basis, with lots of clearance items!

Please feel free to leave comments!

Little Girl drypoint print
Woodpile pen and ink drawing
Woman with Shawl etching
'Energy To Burn' original oil painting
'Resting' original charcoal drawing
'Bags' original pencil drawing
'Lazy Morning' original acrylic painting
'Jars on the Windowsill' original chalk pastel drawing
'Nestled Church' original charcoal drawing

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