Friday, December 31, 2010

Thus ends 2010

Wow. The realisation has just dawned on me... this is my first 2010 post. A bit sad to have to say that on the last possible day of 2010, but never mind. The good news is, I have not dropped off the edge of the planet.

At the end of last year I purchased (with the total of my savings) a fantastic "antique" etching press. This beautiful cast-iron beast was recreated from an old mangle by Waihi artist John Mulvay, and works like a charm! I absolutely adore it. (By the way, Johnny is still making and selling etching presses... Check out his blog!)

In March Daniel and I got married (yup, we're still starry-eyed!), and I became 'Mrs Tattersall'.

I took up a part-time position alongside Dan growing orchids, kept my part-time job at the polytech library, did a spot of weekly housecleaning for a friend with baby twins, and discovered that "running the house" is harder and much more time-consuming than it looks... especially when pregnant! Yup, due in early February... Not far away now.

We shifted house in September to a beautiful place with THREE bedrooms. Us, baby, and The Press. Perfect. We felt a bit lost in the huge living room, so got ourselves a pool table to fill up the space.

I cut back my orchid and cleaning jobs a couple of months ago, and then finished up at the library last week... but in-between our siblings' birthdays (we have twelve younger brothers and sisters between us), visits with the midwife, end-of-year functions, more birthdays, and ante-natal classes, I am glad when I have just a few spare moments in order to collect myself. Surprisingly, I have still been able to sell some work in amongst it all. But I have the strangest feeling that things are NOT going to suddenly become less busy when bubby arrives...!

Currently, I am focusing on getting this blog up-to-date and cataloguing all my past artworks (check out my Picasa Web Albums). Getting there. I'll keep you posted with what's new.

So, yes, I am alive and kicking. Hopefully you'll see a bit more of me next year!



  1. Congratulations Esther on your little bundle on the way - love the printing press too! Have a wonderful 2011!!